What type of game is EDGAR?

EDGAR is a 2D adventure platformer with a loot-based upgrade system.

Will EDGAR be multiplayer?

EDGAR will have both local and online two player co-op.

What engine is EDGAR being made in?

EDGAR is being made in Unity3D, with the help of the RagePixel plugin.

What platforms will EDGAR be available on?

Unity3D can export to almost every  platform (including Linux once Unity4 is released) so we hope to make EDGAR available on as many platforms as possible. Mobile/tablet versions are also a goal, though that will depend on the performance requirements of the final game.

Will EDGAR have a Kickstarter?

Yes! We plan to use Kickstarter as our primary means for backing EDGAR, however, we want to wait until we have content that reflects the final game as closely as possible. If we’re going to expect people to support us, we want them to do so off of more than just an idea and some concept art.

Will EDGAR use Steam Greenlight?

We’re open to any distribution method that helps us get our game out to as many people as possible, including Steam Greenlight.

Will EDGAR use Steam Workshop?

This is something we’re considering. Whether its for weapons, accessories, or levels, there’s something awesome about community created content.

How much will EDGAR cost?

That’s hard to answer this early on, but our current plan is that EDGAR will cost less than $20.

  1. If you use steam workshop I say just go for levels or accessories and be able to instantly download them like with Garry’s Mod, Portal 2, or Skyrim. Unless you go the tf2 way and review weapons before adding them I don’t feel they would work because of how overpowered they could be.

    • Sorry for the delayed reply. I just discovered this comment. Yeah, items would be a hard one, especially since they will change the game. Levels would be easy enough, as would purely cosmetic items. I would like to approve some mobs or something but we’ll have to see how that works.

  2. Hi, is any way to help you in the development of this game? BTW, you use to have some examples in a dropbox folder, but seems like you remove the files. Are they located in another place?

    • Hey Omar! What role would you be able to assist with? And are you talking about the small testing build we made? If so, we pulled that one down as its pretty outdated. We’re working on another one for people to test out soon though! Thanks for your interest.

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