A sample of some of the game's levels.

A sample of some of the game’s levels.

Apparently, one ability of solar panels, in addition to generating extra electricity that the energy department can add back on to their grid, is the ability to create surges that fry your computer. Thankfully our programmer had daily backups of his work, so he only had to wait for his new computer to keep pressing on with development.

Despite all of that, our programmer has been able to make improvements on the AI and how they handle platforms, and make some changes to the character controllers so that we can have a lot more enemies on screen without slow down. Both of these things are important for our next objective, which is playtesting one of our early levels.

Near the beginning of the game Poe sets out on the streets of London on a foggy night (pictured second in the header). We’ll be setting up this level, populating it with baddies, and then running it and tweaking it and running it and tweaking it, until we are happy with it, and then we’ll be tweaking it some more. Its a big step towards actually creating the experience we want for the players. A lot of the basic coding and art has been done, stuff that I would say gives the game a sturdy foundation, but we’ve reached the point where we are able to start building on that foundation, and it’s pretty exciting.

Keep checking in either here, on Twitter, on our Facebook page, or on Screenshot Saturday on r/Gamedev, for more updates as we continue.

– Wrought Iron Games


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  1. looking good

  2. Just awesome, awesome I say, awesome.

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