Don’t tell the Feds, but We’re Making Guns

We’ve started making guns to be spawned at random in our test build, and are having a lot of fun with them. Below you can see a portion of them.

Pistols Gallore

Pistols Galore

Most are rather simple and will have names like “Green Repeater” or “Silver Revolver” and these will have some portion of randomized stats. For the moment they will be randomized to a certain damage level or firing speed or bullet velocity that falls within the parameters we give it. Eventually these values will be related to the player’s progress, meaning that the loot will scale appropriately and stay relevant for the player.

You don't need a permit for these.

You don’t need a permit for these.

We also have some special guns like the “The Scoundrel , “Blossom Bloomer”, and “The Golden Gun”. Some portion of the stats for these items will be random, but they will be designed by us with some sort of special effect, such as sprouting cherry blossoms all over enemies, or turning them to fight for Poe as a temporary ally. We’ve got a lot of great ideas for the guns and we can’t wait for you all to see them in action.

On the programming side we discovered an interesting quirk that Unity has, in that it doesn’t like working with sprites where one dimension is 1 pixel (that is 8 pixels high and 1 pixel wide or visa versa). It will stretch the sprite so that the single pixel side becomes two. This just means we had to add an invisible buffer on the side of the sprite to keep the dimensions from making Unity go sour. Apparently it can handle 1×1 (yes we have single pixel loot) sprites just fine. Who would’ve thought?

Poe, in Direwolf form

Poe, in Direwolf form

Other than that we’ve been working on some new attack animations, and prepping some new art for our Kickstarter page. We’d also like to remind everyone that we have a subreddit for EDGAR, and would love for you all to use it as a place to watch more of our progress, as well as talk or share with us whenever you like.

– Wrought Iron Games


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