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In which we Reveal Player 2’s Character

We reached 50 Twitter followers today, and as promised, have revealed the second playable character! This famous author will accompany Poe on his adventure in a co-op fashion. Why, it’s none other than the father of steampunk literature, Jules Verne!

Outnumbered but not overpowered

Co-op for Edgar will be playable both online, with anyone in the globe, or on the same computer, hopefully with someone you know. The game’s difficulty scales when a second player is present, meaning stronger enemies, and a greater number of them.

I’ll light the way, don’t stop SHOOTING!

Having a second player also makes for new game mechanics, like allowing one player to illuminate the path while the other fights, or pulling two switches at the same time to reveal hidden passages. Not only are players able to show off their loot while playing with friends, but they are rewarded with new experiences.

Duels, the ultimate gentlemen’s sport

We would also like to implement a dueling mechanic, where players can challenge each other to a (not so) deadly game, and find out who has the fastest reflexes.

Thanks again to everyone following us on Twitter (@EdgarAllanPwnd) and to everyone who has been spreading the word about our game!


Gameplay Teaser Video

Well, enough of you asked to see some gameplay footage that we decided to actually put the pieces together and show you what we’ve got. So here we are, the first gameplay video from EDGAR.

There are a few things missing from this scene, namely the Health and Ink bars. Health will be lost when Poe takes damage, and Ink will be used as “ammo” for every type of attack. Ink can be found throughout the levels and is also dropped in a gooey mess from defeated Foes.

This is also the first time we’ve released any of the original music for the game, so we hope you enjoy it!

As always, we’d love to hear what you guys have to say, so feel free to do so in the comments below, or on our Twitter, @EdgarAllanPwnd!

‘Tis a Brief Post, Nothing More

They may not have money, but they have feelings

This will be another short update, for we are all working our hardest to be able to show off something soon. Our artist is working on a new environment, a piece of which you can see in the image above. He’s also working on new Foes, animations, and our inventory screen. Our programmer is continuing his work on combat, which had to be redone somewhat as we decided to split Poe’s arms into separate sprites and separate layers. The reason for this is to not only allow the possibility of dual wielding, but to give more natural looking, context sensitive animation to the hand not holding a weapon. New pieces are being written by our composer, and they’re sure to be quite marvelous when finished. Our sound guy is giving the game that extra touch of immersion and making killing bats even that much more satisfying.

That’s all for now, but expect big things soon!

As always, thank you for taking interest in EDGAR!

Bats, Combat, and (even more) Hats

Last week we told you a little bit about the direction we plan on taking EDGAR, even giving you an example of a literary character we will be including: Dracula. I opened up my browser today to discover Google’s Doodle, informing me that today is Bram Stoker’s birthday. In celebration of this, here’s a screen of how Dracula will appear in our game.

Count Pixula

Even though the version of Dracula with the clean-shaven face and the slicked back dark hair is the more recognizable one, we’ve decided, in this instance and in all others, to stay as true to the literature as possible. Not only is this great fan service to our well-read gamers who will pick up on the subtleties, but will serve as our own little shrine to some of our favorite authors.

Gone batty

We’ve also begun putting combat into the game. We only have two basic attacks at the moment, a sword for melee and a pistol for ranged. Now that enemy AI is wrapping up and the bats and rats are actively chasing down Poe, it’s time to give everyone health and allow them to start beating each other up. This is one the last things we need to implement before getting a video out for everyone to see.

Some Digital Hobo Love

We also have Health and Ink bars ready to go. Originally we were planning on having an anatomically correct heart on the screen, but have decided that more traditional bars suit our needs better. Don’t worry, we still have plans to use it in a different manner. Currently the bars are broken up to a beginning sprite, a middle sprite, and an end sprite, meaning we can extend both of them as Poe gets stronger throughout the game.

So what are we working on now? There’s still loads to do with combat, but while our programmer is working on that, our artist is working on a new (less claustrophobic) level that we hope to show you soon, and, as always, hats, helmets, and every other type of accessory you can imagine.

Thanks for checking in on EDGAR’s progress, and as always, let us know what you think!

Phantasmagorical Poe Plot Post

This game is 100% historically accurate…

…is what I would say if we were making an entirely different game. But we’re not. We’re making EDGAR, a 2D adventure platformer starring Edgar Allan Poe. If you are unfamiliar with our project, check out our announcement post, though you may as well keep reading this update to learn about the game at a little bit deeper level.

He’s kind of handsome, in a strange, not-so-handsome way.

When we announced EDGAR, we were thrilled to see that people enjoyed the concept of it as much as we did, but we also received a lot of questions, so before I go on: Yes, I am aware that Edgar Allan Poe lived in Boston and, yes, I am aware that Poe died just under 40 years before the Whitechapel murders took place. There may be some people out there for whom these inaccuracies prove to be insurmountable  and to them I apologize. To everyone else, however, I hope to deliver to your machine a fun, funny, and all together fascinating journey through Victoriana.

Just because we have made the decision to forgo historical accuracy, does not mean that our game will not be educational. Quite the contrary in fact. We aim to immerse the player in an imaginative, 19th Century world that has a distinct, “Victorian” feel. We are taking inspiration from music, literature, art, and themes from one of the most culturally rich periods of history and shoving it through our Pixel-O-Tron (patent pending) for your consumption.

An image from our inspiration folder

An example of a literary concept with roots in the Victorian Era, which we have been drawing from, is that of detective stories. Arguably, the most well known detective is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes who first appeared in 1887. However, Poe himself dabbled in detective tales with his character Dupin. Dupin’s tales were a source of inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who asked, “Where was the detective story until Poe breathed the breath of life into it?” We’ve crafted the story of EDGAR with all of this in mind, so much of the game will revolve around Poe locating clues, each one bringing him closer to unraveling the mysteries of his wife’s disappearance. Yes, we have already stated that Jack the Ripper is the villain of this tale, but in a game where a brooding 19th Century poet can run around in silky pink pajamas while wielding a foam finger, I caution every player to expect the unexpected.

Victorian literature will also have many direct references throughout the game. We aren’t ready to go into too much detail just yet, but we will say that one character who will be stepping off the pages and into our game, is Dracula, from Brom Stoker’s 1897 novel. As Poe continue’s through his dark journey, he will encounter numerous characters familiar to the player (or English majors at least), some friendly, some not so much. Each cameo will serve as a glimpse into the expansive literary world that awaits those who may have always meant to read some of the classic novels but never got around to it.

I vant to make you use a continue

If all of this sounds ambitious, then great! We have big plans for EDGAR. If all of this sounds like gibberish, then you may have aphasia.

We hope you enjoyed discovering a little more about our game, and as always, we’d love to hear your questions and comments, either right here on the blog, or Twitter @EdgarAllanPwnd.