Aziz! Light!

We’ve had quite a productive week, and have a few new things to show and talk about.

Three (not so blind) Mice

First off, we’ve implemented real time lighting into the game. We’d like to thank @robotloveskitty for sharing his lighting solution for his game, Legend of Dungeon. What this means for EDGAR, is that we have new ways to achieve the Gothic atmosphere, as well as ways to implement new gameplay elements.

Journey to the Center of the Sewer

We’ve given Edgar a Ruhmkorff lamp, which was an early portable, electric lamp, featured in many of Jules Verne’s stories. When hanging from his hip, the lamp casts a faint area light around Edgar, allowing him wield a weapon of his choosing to fight his way through the darkness. The player is able to wield the lamp as well, where the light becomes stronger, and more focused. This will prove a useful tool when encountering carnivorous subterranean men who are extremely sensitive to light.

Out of Fuel

We’re continuing to work on the Brighton Sewer level as well. While not the first level of the game, it is near the beginning, and we thought it would be a good first level for us to start creating. The multiple passages, the darkness, the stinky and slimy enemies, all of it is just so much fun to work on.

I can smell him already

That’s only some of the things we’ve been working on the past week. We’re continuing to create new enemies, weapons, hats, costumes, and animations. We’re also beginning to implement the combat system, so expect to see Edgar shooting and slashing his way through enemies in the near future. Speaking of which, we are even closer to being ready to release a gameplay video. It won’t reveal too much, but we’d like to show you what we can.

In the meantime, keep checking back here for updates and don’t forget to follow or talk to us @EdgarAllanPwnd.


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