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Aziz! Light!

We’ve had quite a productive week, and have a few new things to show and talk about.

Three (not so blind) Mice

First off, we’ve implemented real time lighting into the game. We’d like to thank @robotloveskitty for sharing his lighting solution for his game, Legend of Dungeon. What this means for EDGAR, is that we have new ways to achieve the Gothic atmosphere, as well as ways to implement new gameplay elements.

Journey to the Center of the Sewer

We’ve given Edgar a Ruhmkorff lamp, which was an early portable, electric lamp, featured in many of Jules Verne’s stories. When hanging from his hip, the lamp casts a faint area light around Edgar, allowing him wield a weapon of his choosing to fight his way through the darkness. The player is able to wield the lamp as well, where the light becomes stronger, and more focused. This will prove a useful tool when encountering carnivorous subterranean men who are extremely sensitive to light.

Out of Fuel

We’re continuing to work on the Brighton Sewer level as well. While not the first level of the game, it is near the beginning, and we thought it would be a good first level for us to start creating. The multiple passages, the darkness, the stinky and slimy enemies, all of it is just so much fun to work on.

I can smell him already

That’s only some of the things we’ve been working on the past week. We’re continuing to create new enemies, weapons, hats, costumes, and animations. We’re also beginning to implement the combat system, so expect to see Edgar shooting and slashing his way through enemies in the near future. Speaking of which, we are even closer to being ready to release a gameplay video. It won’t reveal too much, but we’d like to show you what we can.

In the meantime, keep checking back here for updates and don’t forget to follow or talk to us @EdgarAllanPwnd.


The Post Announcement Post

This will be a quick update for the week, as one of us was off at the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT (and ate and drank enough for the whole dev team).

Our programmer is fine tuning Edgar’s movement, making sure that he accelerates and jumps exactly the way we want him to. He’s also working on enemy AI. Currently our enemies consist of a gnarly looking sewer rat and this Lovecraftian creation called an InkDrink. Both of which we plan to have scurrying across the levels shortly.

Our artist is working on a handful of things, including animations for Edgar, experimenting with color palettes, and creating art for the HUD, like that wicked, anatomically correct heart above. The plan is to have the blood drain from the organ as the player takes damage.

In addition to those items,  we’re working on getting more assets into the build, including sound and music, so look forward to a video in the next week or so.

In the meantime, continue to tell your friends and family about EDGAR, and make sure you follow us on Twitter @EdgarAllanPwnd, or just click on the sidebar to the right. Its a great way for you to hit us up with your questions, thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding the game. We’ll be using Twitter on a daily basis for smaller pieces of info but our major announcements will still be right here, on the devblog.

Until next time,

The EDGAR Dev Team

Announcing – EDGAR

With this post we are announcing the development of our 2D adventure platformer, EDGAR. We’ve been working on the game for a month now, and feel like its time to talk about what the game is about and what he have so far.

100% historically accurate.

In EDGAR, players will play as Edgar Allan Poe as he chases Jack the Ripper through an alternate Victorian London. Along the way he will build an arsenal of weapons, costumes, and accessories that will help him fight through increasingly difficult enemies. The loot in EDGAR is the primary source of character progression, and will be made up of both randomized and handcrafted items.

“They’re too spliced up!”

The loot will be one of the defining elements of EDGAR, bringing not only character customization and changing game mechanics, but a quirky style that will play off the game’s dark, Gothic atmosphere (more on that, especially music, another time!)

They have the worst pies in London.

The game is being made in Unity3D, though it is entirely 2D with pixel graphics. Our artist has done a fantastic job establishing the feel of the game and we’re still refining it further. We want players to experience the Victorian Era like they never have before.

The Victorian ‘Crate and Barrel’

So where are we at right now? Currently we have Poe running, jumping, and idling whenever you have to put on some pants and go answer the door. While the main story will be made up of handmade levels, there’s an “infinite dungeon” mode planned with randomized platforming elements, and currently, we have items spawning randomly. A new level is generated every time you reach the end of the one you’re in. We also have a quill cursor which will be used for combat and using the inventory.

At the moment loot will also spawn, but without the inventory, it automatically equips on pickup.

So there you have it, our first post about our game, EDGAR!

Make sure you check in occasionally for more updates!